Kelly Crane Winkler

Public Relations

My Role at White Good: Public Relations

My Secret Talent: I write and perform music with my husband, Chuck. We call ourselves Darwin’s Moon. Darwin’s Moon is a biography about the Englishman Alfred Russel Wallace who was really the first to discover our true place in the evolutionary process. Charles Darwin, a contemporary, came along with a more convincing argument, however, and eclipsed poor Wallace who struggled to be heard and taken seriously. Sounds like a rock band still stuck in its garage stage, right?

My First Job: Selling shoes at a high-end shoe store in Mt. Kisco, NY called Heller’s. I was so happy with the paycheck that I asked my manager if I could stay on instead of go to college. She fired me on the spot.

My Favorite Room and Why: My bedroom. It’s got it all: a king size bed, a tub with jets, a sitting room, lots of daylight, Netflix on the wall, and a walk-in California closet which is still not big enough for my shoe collection (see “My first job”). And I love the menagerie of furry friends who camp out there too: Ella, Henry, Turtle, Bonnie and Clyde.

My Favorite Work of Art: My favorite work of art is for the ears—Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison.

My Favorite Place to Travel: Anywhere there is ocean and beach.