Jocelyn Hutt

Public Relations/Account Management

My role at White Good: Public Relations/Account Services

My first job: When I was 12, I asked the local newspaper carrier if I could deliver papers — but was told that girls were not allowed! At 14 I was a junior counselor at a local day camp, and then when I turned 16, I began working at the local Woolworth’s 5 & 10 store. I can still remember the musty smell of that store…

My favorite room: Any room where I can sit and drink my coffee.

My favorite work of art: Picasso’s Guernica, painted in 1937. Is there another painting that depicts the horror of life and death at this scale? I am drawn to a lot of art from the 1930s and 40s. Egon Schiele is another artist whose work compels me to look more closely — even as I might want to look away.

My favorite place to travel: Anywhere my boys are; and luckily for me they each live in wonderful cities — Chicago and Edinburgh