Jen Brough

Public Relations

My role at White Good: Public Relations

Education:Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in literature and a teacher’s certificate in secondary English both from Edinboro University

My secret talent:I am slowly being apprenticed in the art of upholstering furniture by my very patient father, who ran a successful upholstering shop before entering the military full time. Important lesson learned thus far: You don’t have to hold the tacks in your mouth unless you’re a show-off.

My first job: Server at an assisted living center

My favorite room: My little deck. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s shaded by trees and offers a peaceful outdoor spot in the middle of a growing city.

My favorite work of art: Right now, the Instagram account for the novel The Little Life by Hanya Yanagirhara.

My favorite place to travel: Some of my favorite times are the moments where you anticipate seeing the coast for the first time after a long absence. So, it has to be the ocean..