Adriana Roth


My role at White Good: Mostly graphic & eblast design with a smattering of trade show pressroom management.

Education: B.A. in Art with a focus in Graphic & Interactive Design & a minor in Marketing from Millersville University

My secret talent: I am a master at navigating public transit.

My favorite room: My college & post-college abodes have all been quite transitory, so I don’t yet have a favorite room. In one apartment the vanity area had a large mirror that decided to leap from the wall & impale the counter & floor, so it’s safe to say it’s not that one.

My favorite work of art: The entire genre of art nouveau architecture—those shapes & forms are unbelievable!

My favorite place to travel: My track record would suggest New York City, but I always love traveling to new cities just to explore & admire the architecture, public art, & public spaces.

My first job: Sorting clothing donations at my local Goodwill. I loved it! It was really encouraging to see members of the community bring unwanted items to be cycled back into the community & find new use.